Monday, 16 July 2007

Help Support the Pilion Trust and its work

People regularly ask how they maybe able to help and support the work that is carried out by the Pilion. The Management Committee have looked at possible options and they have suggested the following:

1. Donate your time: Become a Volunteers or Befriender and support the staff and clients
through giving of your time and expertise.
2. Donate a space: If you have empty buildings or houses that can be used as temporary shelter for the homeless please contact us.
3. Donate goods: If you have household goods that could be given to homeless people who

are moving into a new home and don't have any funds for furniture etc., recycle your goods and help another.
4. Donate money: Gift money to the organisation to continue with their work with the homeless and vulnerble. (make cheques payable to The Pilion Trust)

Contact us at: 8 Clarendon Buildings, 25 Horsell Road, London N5 1XL.

Working with Working Women

The Pilion Trust is currently delivering in partnership with New Horizon's, N7 and SHOC a night time Outreach Service for working women with drug and alcohol problems. This initiative works across 3 Inner London Boroughs. They include Islington, Hackney and Haringey.

The Team engage with the women and support them with advice on safer sex, STDs, Harm reduction on drug use and sign post the women to treatment and support services.

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Outreach Service in Islington

The Pilion Trust delivers an Enhanced Outreach Service in partnership with St. Mungo's, N7 and Women's Outreach Service.

The multi discipinary team works on the streets of Islington working with the homeless, street population, working girls etc who do not, or, cannot recieve a service through mainstream services.

The service offers harm minimisation advice, harm reduction and information about accessing treatment. The service also offers advice on housing, benefits, skills, education, training, employment, advocacy for legal issues etc.

Well Men's Clinic EC1 New Deal for Communities

The Government's health authority has found that under 40% of men aged 18 to 50 years of age have registered with a Gp practise to look at their health and wellbeing.

EC1 New Deal for Communities has commissioned a partnership between EC1 General Practises, Islington PCT Smoking Cessation and the Pilion Trust to deliver over the next year an outreach clinic for men who live in the EC1 Area.

The clinics take place every Wednesday between 4:30pm and 7pm. They are at a different location each week. These include your local TMO Offices, Housing Offices, Day Centres, Community Centres, Shopping Centres and Local Buisnesses. Details are published each month in the EC1 NDC Newletter, displayed at your local GP Surgery, and in advance at the location.