Tuesday, 7 August 2007

PREMIER LEAGUE - 'Creating Chances'

Barclays Bank in connection with the Premier League Football Clubs, announced on the 31 July 2007, that Arsenal Football Club chose the Pilion Trust as one of the charities/ good causes to support.

Arsenal Football Club were particularly impressed with the application and the work that the Pilion Trust has been involved in supporting homeless people with Drug and Alcohol and Mental Health issues improve their quality of life by reducing or stopping their drug and alcohol use.

In the last 6-months over 26 people have engaged in treatment pathways and are no longer using or dependant on drugs and alcohol.

The award is a grant of £ 2,000.00 for the Pilion Trust to use on publicity and promotion of their work.

If you are interested in supporting the Pilion Trust as have the Football League and Arsenal contact Jacqui on 020 7700-2498.

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Dolly said...

Congratulations - hope you get more good luck and financial support from other established and successful organisations.

Well Done...