Friday, 20 August 2010

Government's White Paper on Stopping benefits for people who have addictions.

Today the Coalition Government announced its White Paper suggesting it would be a good idea and motivation for people with addictions to have their benefits stopped if they refuse to access treatment.

For the basic benefit that people are on it helps them to be able to eat and take care of themselves. If the Government stops this basic support, people will have to find other ways of surviving, which would increase the levels of inquisitive crime, home burglaries, vandalism and place vulnerable general public at risk.

It will further criminalize the most vulnerable and needy and will push people further underground and less likely to come forward for help if the threat is to loose the basic benefit.

86% of our clients, and we work with the most marginalised rough sleepers, once completing treatment come back to their communities and volunteer, give back and help others. Some of the 86% will also go on to have careers in addiction, homelessness and mental health.

In my view over the journey of a person with addiction issues the cost evens out and balances the community commitment with the clients commitments.

This Government and its policies of cutbacks where there is no extra money to help the most needy is creating Aldous Huxley's Brave New World.

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