Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The November freeze in London

As London is caught unawares of the coming "big freeze" Pilion's Shelter Me! project in partnership with the Cally Methodist Church open a new cold weather shelter. Local business and community volunteers spent weekends in early November revamping the church's crypt in time for a Christmas Shelter.

With the onset of the snow and sub-zero temperatures, decissions were made to open the shelter earlier and help save the homeless from freezing in the snow.

One homeless client stated that: the ambulance found him soaking wet in the Highbury Fields on Friday as he was suffering from Hypothermia. While in the ambulance he had to be revived 3 times. Tonight he thanked the staff, volunteers and Islington's Housing Aid Centre for saving his life.

The shelter will remain open while the cold weather remains and makes it hard for the homeless to remain on the streets.

If you are interested in helping out please call 020 7700-2601 or e-mail: adm_piliontrust@hotmail.co.uk and ask for Sheriff or Jackie.

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