Friday, 21 March 2008

VOYSSI - 'A meeting place of many voices'

Voyssi is a new pilot initiative funded by Islington Drug and Alcohol Team to support the multi-cultural and diverse community that Islington has to support its people in gaining faster and more appropriate access to drug and alcohol treatment and mental health services.

Over 32 community organisations including race, ethicity, disabililty, gender, age, youth, women, faith and belief groups have taken part in the initial programme and in April 2008, Voyssi will run a series of conferences to enable, empower and training staff and volunteers from these organisations how to support, advise and refer people into services across the Borough.

For more information please contact Georgina Gavriel - Project Co-ordinator on 020 7700-2498. The conferences are free to all multi-cultural groups in the Borough of Islington.

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